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The Best Wire Rope

Since our founding as a wire rope manufacturer in 1970, we have put quality first.

In addition, our management philosophy has been to manufacture wire rope chosen by customers.

As a wire rope professional, we are providing a new perspective on wire rope,

and have increased customer sales and reduced costs.

Now, we utilize technology inherited from the last president,

and manufacture wire rope selected by customers.

General definitions

General definitions

Wire ropes are required to have different characteristics depending on the application,

and you have to use an optimally configured wire rope.

There is no wire rope that excels in all performances, for example, if the breaking load is increased too much, the service life will be shortened.

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 Product catalog

Alloy plating

How to choose a wire rope


●What is the composition of the wire rope currently used?

●What is your application?

●Which diameter is required?

●What is the required length?

●What is the required minimum breaking load?

●Which type of end termination is required?


If there are wire rope configurations or rope diameters not listed in this catalog,

please let us know and we will respond

How to choose a wire rope

As wire rope professionals,

we propose the most suitable wire rope that meets your needs.

End terminations

End terminations


We serve you with a broad variety of end terminations and services.

Hand Spliced Eyes

● Flemish Eyes

● Pressed Thimble Eyes

● Pressed Soft Eyes

● Split Wedge Ferrules

● Wire Rope Clips

Discard criteria

Wire ropes should be frequently visually inspected to ensure that the rope is in a safe state

and does not reach any of the following

Visible broken wires

Reduction in rope diameter

Fracture of strands


Deformation and damage


We serve you with a broad variety of end terminations and services.

Discard criteria
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